Fynch Hatton Supersoft Pure Cotton Shirt 1120-8141 - Green
Fynch Hatton Supersoft Pure Cotton Shirt 1120-8141 - Green Fynch Hatton Supersoft Pure Cotton Shirt 1120-8141 - Green
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Classic-elegant meets urban-cool: men's shirts by FYNCH-HATTON
FYNCH-HATTON combines the flair of exciting adventures in the African savannah with the urban style of the big city.
The result is comfortable men's shirts with different looks - sometimes printed, sometimes plain - that can be wonderfully integrated into the everyday life of a fashion-conscious man. Our elaborated overall concept is evidence of craftsmanship in combination with the incorrigible attention to detail and the spark of adventure by the namesake Denys Finch-Hatton. Each of our men's shirts is unique in its own way for business and leisure. Anything but small-checked - the expressive patterns of FYNCH-HATTONs From unobtrusive vichy checks to multi-colored big checks, the cult design can be found in all collections. In addition there are timeless stripe patterns as well as glowing background checks and stripes as an update of casual off-duty outfits. Effective prints and structures add coolness, symmetrical minimal prints provide optical dynamics. If you prefer to wear classic, you will find your match with our plain-colored FYNCH-HATTON men's shirts.

Authentic shirt design: from gentlemen shape to trendsetter trophy
Whether button-down, Kent or stand-up, each collar tells a different story about men's shirts. The fits define the fit, from slim to regular to modern fit. Features such as patch breast pockets with label stitching, continuous button strips and adjustable 1-button cuffs ensure characteristic perfection. By the way: there are even variants with carded sleeves for particularly casual looks. Dress up, look good, feel good! FYNCH-HATTON uses selected materials to manufacture the men's shirts. The Fabric of Choice: Cotton and Linen. This results in high-quality light flannel shirts and somewhat heavier winter flannels. Thanks to the soft handle, they leave a very pleasant feeling on the skin. In addition to the comfortable twill quality, shirts are also made with the Oxford weave. It is somewhat coarser than twill, but therefore more durable and is often used for casual shirts. Our »Pure Linen« shirts are also wonderful for summer wardrobes, because they are light and breathable. Another specialty is our easy care equipment. This easy-care finish is used especially for business shirts. They can be put into the washing machine regularly and can also be easily ironed.