Harlie Brown Splatter Me Like Pollock Fruit Bowl

Harlie Brown
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Splatter Me Like Pollock Fruit Bowl by Kent-based ceramicist, Harlie Brown, is inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock.

Each Fruit Bowl is a functioning piece of art and is one of the kind inspired by artist Jackson Pollock.

Extremely limited edition!

Handmade with imperfect wavy edges then hand painted with splatters and brush strokes in a choice of random underglaze colours and a silky clear glaze over the top for that lovely glossy finish.

Made with Biscuit Earthenware clay.

Suitable for fruit / salad / keys or anything else you love to throw into a bowl!
(wet or dry food!)

As this piece is larger and irregular shaped we would recommend to hand wash only.

Each bowl although made to the same style will come out different in shape glaze.

Large Size- roughly 38 and 18 cm deep

size is always rough guide as each item is hand built and usually comes out different to the next.


Founded in 2020, Harley Brown Studio is the namesake brand of self-made ceramicist Harlie Brown. Working out of her home studio on the Kent coast, Harlie creates organically shaped ceramics using a variety of techniques including slab building, coiling, and pinching. Entirely hand-built, each piece emits a quality of imperfect perfection, resulting in a playful yet functional collection of colourful ceramics for you and your home.