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The marine coloured OLYMP Luxor modern fit shirt made from 100% Egyptian cotton is the perfect choice when you’re travelling – either for wearing on your journey or packing in your suitcase. With its non-iron and wrinkle-free characteristics, it will still look crease-free when you reach your destination.
  • OLYMP Luxor
  • Non-iron. Wrinkle-free.
  • Material: Cotton 100%
  • modern fit
  • Marine
  • Stripe
  • Under button-down
  • Long sleeve
  • Without chest pocket
  • Adjustable combi cuffs
  • Business non-iron
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Breathable and kind to the skin
  • Italian button panel
  • Button on sleeve slit
  • Shape-retaining


OLYMP Luxor – For best results, even without ironing

• Always wash white and coloured garments separately.
• To preserve the brightness of colours, we recommend that you use a detergent which is specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Only use an all-purpose detergent for whites.
• Always check the article’s care label and follow the washing instructions.
• Turn shirts inside out and fold collars and cuffs inwards to reduce wear and tear on edges.
• For best results wash a maximum of 6 shirts per washing cycle.
• Spin with a maximum speed of 600 rpm.
• After the wash, shirts should be hung immediately on hangers, and collar, cuffs and button panel smoothed out.
• Shirts dried in a tumble dryer should also be hung immediately on hangers after the drying cycle and pulled into shape.
• Once dry the shirts are smooth. However, if you still wish to iron them, avoid using an overheated iron (maximum 2 points) and keep in mind that the set temperature may diverge noticeably from the actual ironing temperature. Collars and cuffs should be lightly ironed inside out. Any remaining wrinkles disappear automatically during wear as a result of your body heat.