Zoe Morton Oatmeal/Sage Batu Necklace

Zoe Morton
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Batu Necklace

Look good. Feel good. Have fun. Remember your adventure.

Remembering the adventure

Named by one of our customers Yana. Batu is one of Yana's favorite beaches in Bali. Batu translates to Rock in Indonesian.

I hope this collection will be your rock in times of uncertainty. I hope it keeps you all safe on your travels and allows you to get back home safely. I hope it gives you confidence when you need it, because yes you will look great in this collection!!

This is also the first full collection that I have made in collaboration with our workshop in Bali so it seemed fitting.  

Materials + Sizing

60 - 100% Recycled brass with adjustable silver chain. Goes from 18 Inch to 20 Inch.  The resin is largely a by-product of the paper and pulp industry. Each piece of jewellery is packed in beautifully designed compostable packaging.

Hoop is approx 15mm

Matching Batu Earrings also available in Sage & Oatmeal