Claudio Lugli is a fashion house that emanates presence, where vibrancy and elegance intertwine to embolden the wearer with imaginative clothing. We believe that fashion should make you feel something, and what makes Claudio Lugli garments so exceptional are their ability to evoke an emotional response in those who seek larger-than-life design and craftsmanship. At Claudio Lugli we ask ourselves "how can a pattern convey dynamism, rather than words be used to tell incredible stories?" 

Our garments are famously rich in details, each one engineered to celebrate individuality. We observe fashion as an expression of the wearer's soul and therefore we champion brave designs that shatter conventions and speak volumes. Our prints are created to animate and energise the wearer’s character, unlocking their personality within. Outfits reflect mood and so all Claudio Lugli shirts are upbeat and daring, unapologetically disruptive, invariably making a statement. Showstoppers, head-turners - We strive to create clothing that inspires unparalleled self-belief and adventurousness. After all, empowerment is all about confidence and fashion powerfully reflects that. At Claudio Lugli we believe we are at the forefront of a printed Renaissance in fashion and we invite you to join us in our vision.