Fynch-Hatton Leather Optic Skirt In Black 3001

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Elegance and coolness are combined in this FYNCH-HATTON midi skirt made of high-quality imitation leather. The straight-cut skirt is elastic and has an additional elastic waistband at the back, while the cuffs at the front are smooth - perfect for combining with  tight-  fitting tops. For more freedom of movement, the skirt also has a  slit  . Dividing seams accentuate the design of the skirt. With a subtle shine and smooth surface, the skirt is both festive with a blouse and pumps, as well as casual and cool with boots and coarse sweaters, a comfortable eye-catcher. 

Care instructions apply as stated in the product.

  • Midi-Long
  • Slim cut
  • Elastic faux leather
  • Subtly shiny surface
  • Elastic cuff
  • Side pockets
  • Decorative dividing seams
  • Hem slit at the back