Harlie Brown The Marbled One Dinner Plate

Harlie Brown
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A labor of love The Marbled Ones are created mixing two different coloured clay bodies together creating the piece then refining to enhance the natural marbled swirly goodness.

Due to the nature of this process each plate will be different and have a varied mix of colours.

Each one finished with a clear glaze

Rough sizes below for each plate, although will vary due to the nature of the clay -

Dinner Plate - 23 cm

This is for one Dinner - Desert and Serving plates to match are available. 


Founded in 2020, Harlie Brown Studio is the namesake brand of self-made ceramicist Harlie Brown. Working out of her home studio on the Kent coast, Harlie creates organically shaped ceramics using a variety of techniques including slab building, coiling, and pinching. Entirely hand-built, each piece emits a quality of imperfect perfection, resulting in a playful yet functional collection of colourful ceramics for you and your home.