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Rachel Entwistle’s ten-year anniversary collection of designer pieces recalls the Shoreditch label’s reputation for symbolic jewellery with intelligent, authentic, meaningful narratives, and sustainable roots. Rachel weaves myth and symbolism to create pieces that deepen the connections between human beings - the stories the pieces tell, and the stories we layer on top, as we give and receive, pass on and hand down.

Dreamer Candle Stick Holder Meaning and Design

This modern brass candlestick holder does double duty as a sculptural object – a playful decorative piece worthy of any mantelpiece or tableInspired by the Spanish artist Joan Miróin a process mirroring continuous line drawing, the surrealist shape reflects the unconscious and an unfiltered childlike state. The off-centre eye at the heart of it all is awake to dreams, suggesting an original way of seeing the world and a revolutionary lightness of being – an effortlessness that mirrors Miró’s creations.


This candle stand is made of solid recycled brass, giving it a luxurious weighty feel. The brass is sandblasted to create a fine, textured finish.

Finished with a black onyx stone eye setting. We only work with real, hand-selected stones – preferring their uniqueness, alongside their natural sparkle and shine.

This distinctive candle stick holder has an inherited feel which makes it the perfect gift for a loved one – to build enduring connection and meaning in your relationships. 


7.5cm base 25cm high

This candle stick holder is a substantial piece, weighing 364 grams

Sold as a single candle stick holder if you would like the perfect pairing for your table opt for two.