Rachel Entwistle Ouroboros emerald eye Snake Jewellery Box

Rachel Entwistle
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Rachel Entwistle’s ten-year anniversary collection of designer jewellery boxes recalls the Shoreditch label’s reputation for symbolic jewellery with intelligent, authentic, meaningful narratives, and sustainable roots. Rachel weaves myth and symbolism to create pieces that deepen the connections between human beings - the stories the pieces tell, and the stories we layer on top, as we give and receive, pass on and hand down.

Ouroboros meaning and design

Designed for the mantlepiece or dresser, this designer jewellery box features the mystical Ouroboros, one of Rachel Entwistle’s favourite symbols – reminding us of the cyclicality of nature, the circle of life and death, and the eternal cycle of time.

The oldest symbol in the world, the circular "tail devourer" has accrued many layers of meaning - from the golden shrine of Tutankhamun to the hopeful laboratories of the Renaissance alchemists. The ancient Greeks encircled it with the words “One is All”. The Egyptians used it to depict time as a series of repetitive cycles. The Gnostics’ perceived it as the divine and earthly existing in unison.

Gift this jewellery box with a piece from the Alchemical collection

The Ouroboros Jewellery Box belongs to the Rachel Entwistle Alchemical Collection, which embodies the Renaissance alchemists’ vision of the earth as a single living organism, infused with the celestial spirit of the stars and planets as mother and father to all. To them all matter was alive with spirit, striving towards higher spiritual forms, as all metals ripen towards gold.

This is a modern take on an antique jewellery box. It’s made of solid recycled brass, giving it a luxurious weighty feel and the brass is sandblasted to create a fine, polished finish.

The snake has a real gemstone emerald eye. We only work with realhand-selected stones – preferring their uniqueness, alongside their natural sparkle and shine. 

The box has a luxurious velvet interior to keep your treasured pieces safe.

These unique jewellery boxes have an inherited feel which makes them the perfect jewellery gift – to build enduring connection and meaning in your relationships.

10cm long x 10cm wide x 2.5cm high

This jewellery box is a substantial piece, weighing 495 grams.