Zoe Morton Batu Earrings Sage Green Hoops

Zoe Morton
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Remembering the adventure

"Named by one of our customers Yana. Batu is one of Yana's favourite beaches in Bali. Batu translates to Rock in Indonesian.

I hope this collection will be your rock in times of uncertainty. I hope it keeps you all safe on your travels and allows you to get back home safely. I hope it gives you confidence when you need it, because yes you will look great in this collection!!

This is also the first full collection that I have made in collaboration with our workshop in Bali so it seemed fitting." - Zoe Morton

 60 - 100% Recycled brass with silver pins and scroll.  The resin is largely a by-product of the paper and pulp industry. Each piece of jewellery is packed in beautifully designed compostable packaging. 

Hoop is approx 15mm


Also Available in Oatmeal here.